Data Center

Data Center Infrastructure





Power Units

Access Control

Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm

Design and consulting

  • Designing and consulting for the construction of Traditional and Modular data centers based on BICSI, TIA942, EPI, EN60050 standards.
  • Preparation and presentation of conceptual design and detailed design of the data center separately
  • Preparation of data center zones based on needs and priorities in design (Civil Engineer)
  • Preparation of SLD maps of electrical panels and ATS (Power Units)

Preparation of executive plans and calculations

  • Engine house installation system based on 2N and N+1
  • Cooling system and related calculations (Cooling System)
  • Electromagnetic Shield System (EMI Shielding)
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System
  • video surveillance system (CCTV)
  • The need for traffic control (Access Control)
  • uninterruptible power system (UPS)
  • Emergency power (Gen-Set)
  • Passive network infrastructure in two traditional and pre-terminated ways
  • Earth and
  • Lightning arrester connection system
  • lighting system
  • Raised floor and false ceiling infrastructure
  • Monitoring system (DCIM and BMS)
  • Establishment of racks and cold and hot corridors (Rack and Cooling system)

Data Center Hardware As A Service

Preparation, supply and implementation

  • Data center servers (HPE, SUN, IBM)
  • Storage systems (Storage HPE, EMC, HITACHI)
  • Active network systems (Switch and Router Cisco)
  • Network security systems (Firewall and WAF HPE, Juniper, Fortinet, Sophos)

Data Center Software As A Service

Preparation, supply and implementation

  • Cloud-based infrastructure based on Cisco ACI
  • Cloud-based infrastructure based on VMware NSX-T
  • Infrastructure based on VMware, Hyper-v virtualization
  • Infrastructure based on WSO2 service bus
  • Infrastructure based on IOT Platform
  • Infrastructure based on Docker and Kubernetes
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