Call Center

Today, the contact center plays a significant role as the best tool for attracting and retaining customers, in professional and specialized activities in the market and industries. The distinguishing feature of the call center of Pedisar Informatics company includes the response and implementation of the call center system as the point of contact and communication of the patients of Beret System.

The contact center of Pedisar Informatics Company provides services with experts and professional tools in various fields 24*7 as follows.

Customer service management

Campaign management

Content management

  • Notices

  • Customer support

  • Relief branches

  • Registration and follow-up of complaints

  • Registration and tracking of tickets

  • Kashef-Sarmad system

  • Product and service development

  • Marketing

  • Satisfaction Survey

  • Designing and compiling processes
  • Continuous improvement of processes
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